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Belly dancing in Hengelo

The magical power of dance sport

If you mention belly dancing in Hengelo, you’re in the right place with Honey Rutgers. Although belly dancing is a well-known dance style worldwide, we are not yet so accustomed to it in the Netherlands. That’s a shame, because belly dancing is the oldest and most versatile sport there is!

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The origin of belly dancing

Belly dancing is a dance form originating from the Middle East and North Africa, in which different body parts often move independently of each other. The emphasis of the movements is on the hips and pelvic area: the center of the dance and energy.

It is believed that belly dancing is one of the oldest dances, at least 5000 years old. It is then traced back to the dance of priestesses and later temple dancers, who portrayed mythological stories with great refinement. One misconception for some is that it is an erotic dance or a dance originally intended for harem women to seduce the sultan. However, this arose from Orientalism, or how people here thought/hoped it was in the Middle East and the Persian Empire.

Another misconception is that this dance is exclusively danced by women. There are also well-known and good male dancers.

This is why belly dancing is good for you:

  • It clears your mind
  • You connect more with your body
  • Your endurance grows
  • Belly dancing makes you fit in an easy way
  • Got tight muscles? You dance them loose through belly dancing
  • It improves your balance
  • You feel more confident
  • You learn about all kinds of cultures, such as Indian, African, and Middle Eastern.
  • You feel more feminine and confident
  • You strengthen your pelvic floor muscles
  • A fixed dance partner is not necessary, but you can enjoy moving with other women to the music

Why belly dance at Honey's magical dance school?

Honey has tasted all dance styles, so she teaches you from A to Z the best way to express yourself in dance

In the magical studio, where you can be in a whole other world and let go of who you think you should be

At Honey, you can go for the most relaxing belly dance lessons both online and in the studio

From belly dancing to hip hop

Although belly dancing is still relatively unknown to some, it has had an influence on various other dance styles. Did you know, for example, that even hip hop stems from belly dancing? To understand that, Honey delved into the matter of all dance styles herself. As a child, she was already imbued with the love of belly dancing from her Persian mother, but she taught herself to combine different dance styles. It even resulted in a dance education to develop her own form of teaching. She now teaches belly dancing in Hengelo, but her own background knowledge goes much further than that. From hip hop, Bollywood, popping, and (jazz)ballet to modern: Honey sees something beautiful in every dance style!

Honey's unique way of belly dancing

While Egyptian belly dancing is the most traditional form, Honey has given belly dancing her own twist thanks to her experience. Honey has now made her own version of the Egyptian belly dance, the Iraqi, the Persian, the Bollywood version, and of course, all other belly dance styles. “Everything is about creating a magical moment to be able to turn inwards. Belly dancing gives you the confidence to develop yourself.”

“Everything is about creating a magical moment to be able to turn inwards. Belly dancing gives you the confidence to develop yourself.”

Let's Connect

Come belly dance in Overijssel or online!

Do you also like to start with belly dancing? Do you want to move more from your body instead of your head? Then you are welcome to (learn to) belly dance in Hengelo! The magical studio is located in Hengelo at a central location, so even if you live in Enschede, Oldenzaal, Rijssen, Haaksbergen, Delden, Borne, Wierden, Almelo, Boekelo, Glanerbrug, Almelo, Enschede, Kampen, Goor, Markelo, Losser, Zwolle, Raalte, the studio is nearby. If you live further away or even abroad, you can learn the tricks of the trade through an online workshop in belly dancing. Don’t worry if you’re a beginner, because at Honey Belly Dance, we welcome dancers of all levels!

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